“The World’s Most Dangerous Sport” (1955)

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2 comments on ““The World’s Most Dangerous Sport” (1955)”

  1. Hi The Archivist, Is it possible to use a still from this in our magazine – Classic Bike? Who should I contact for licensing? Thanks, Jacqui

    Jacqui Harris Archives Manager 01733 468558


    [cid:D8992413-A270-4F7B-9DD1-0D46E0EDDE77] [cid:FE1B279F-14B6-4C44-A457-066A59C08A40]

    Media House, Lynchwood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA

    From: “The Archivist @ British Pathe” <comment-reply@wordpress.com> Reply-To: “The Archivist @ British Pathe” <comment+7gtei61ge3chk4c0-cpocf@comment.wordpress.com> Date: Friday, 21 February 2014 11:02 To: “jacqueline.harris@bauermedia.co.uk” <jacqueline.harris@bauermedia.co.uk> Subject: [New post] “The World’s Most Dangerous Sport” (1955)

    The British Pathé Archive posted: “Click HERE to View Film”


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